Ariana Grande’s tour setlist should look something like this…

Ariana’s Sweetener World Tour kicks off March 18 and runs through October. We don’t know what songs Ariana has in store for us, but I put together my dream setlist. It features the classics, and a handful of songs from Sweetener and Thank U, Next, because flawless record is flawless (read our review here).

Without further adieu…

God Is A Woman
“God Is A Woman” is arguably the biggest song off Sweetener, and would warm audiences up. A lot of Ariana’s catalogue are mid-tempos, so keeping attendees’ spirits up right off the bat is imperative. Can you imagine if she kicked things off with “Moonlight?”

“NASA” is a mf bop, and is a pretty perfect song to follow “God Is A Woman.” It’s about feeling suffocated by a significant other, like floating through the infinite vacuum of space in search for fresh air. Kind of describes most millennials attending her shows heh. Upon first listen, I didn’t gravitate towards “NASA,” but over time it transformed into something magical. Not only is the play on words pop music magic, but if you’re over guys right now it’s pretty perfect.


Be Alright


Bad Decisions
“Bad Decisions” aged well. The Dangerous Woman cut is a blast to sing along to in concert, and let’s face it… hundreds of thousands of people at Coachella will, at some point, make bad decisions. Let’s celebrate that, shall we?

Let Me Love You

Knew Better

Bad Idea
Martin’s sticky pop prints are all over this beautiful banger. An icy beat assists Ariana’s lonely truth. She seeks relief from heartbreak so desperately that she’s willing to engage with another guy to “numb the pain,” admittedly a bad idea. After Martin shows off a bit of production gymnastics by slowing the song into submission, the theme of casual *** extends into “Make Up.” The two-minute ditty details Ariana’s diabolically devious cat and mouse game with men. “I like to f–k with you just to make up with you,” she sings in the opening line. The twisted track is littered with confessions of purposefully setting a relationship ablaze because the phoenix rising from the ashes is that intoxicating. She’s like a pyromaniac who’s madly in love with putting out fires.

Touch It

Side To Side

Bang Bang (with Nicki Minaj and Madonna)
I’m going to need Ariana to perform “Bang Bang” despite how much she dislikes it. I included Madonna in the trio instead of Jessie J. Nothing against the latter, but Ariana and Madge have a special relationship together and it’d set the queen of pop up for headlining Coachella 2020 (bookmark me).

No Tears Left To Cry

Love Me Harder

Break Free

Problem (with Iggy Azalea)
I also need Ariana to include Iggy in her Coachella setlist. Justice for Iggy, man. She’s super talented, but the GP low-key gave up on her and it’s not right. Iggy’s famous enough that festival-goers will bop. Plus, “Problem” is laced with nostalgia and would soundtrack whatever high people are on beautifully.

Into You

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored
“Girlfriend,” which gloriously samples *NSYNC’s “It Makes Me Ill” off their 2000 record, No Strings Attached, is another banger about mindless banging with no strings attached. Ariana’s heart is under lock and key, but a rich and famous girl’s got needs.

7 Rings / Thank U, Next
“Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings” are Ari’s best-performing tracks of her career. They both topped the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks and were etched into Internet culture forever. Everyone attending, whether they like it or not, knows every word to these songs.

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