“Makes me want to rip my eyes out with my bare hands. :`) love u.”

Ariana Grande released the song “Thank U, Next” almost exactly a year ago today (it dropped on November 3rd, 2018). The track and album of the same name are arguably her most successful body of work to-date, and though the record had a string of songs worth releasing as singles, Ariana continued to record and release new music. She even managed to find time during her tour to executive produce the new Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, which dropped last Friday (November 1st).

Fans started expressing concern because the streaming numbers for the soundtrack aren’t as gargantuan as Thank U, Next‘s, so the pint-sized pop star took to Twitter to tell fans to zip it.

Early estimates predict 13-17k in sales plus streaming, 4-6k in pure sales.

“Putting this back on the [timeline] since y’all are already talking **** about the numbers,” she wrote with a sad face in a now-deleted Tweet. “Please stop treating this like a solo release / not a soundtrack / comparing it to ‘thank u, next’.

She added: “It’s ridiculous / makes me want to rip my eyes out with my bare hands. :`) love u.”


It’s unclear at the moment where the soundtrack will debut in the Billboard 200, but it’s not looking good.

Interesting that Ariana commented on the stats because instead of letting things blow over, she shined a magnifying glass on it.

What do YOU think about Ariana’s statement? Did YOU like the soundtrack? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Boo. I kinda liked it, honestly. I mean, I’m not listening to it on a regular basis since it came out but upon first listen, I enjoyed it. I’m just really that thirsty for more pop songs. 😪

  2. Scooter Braun needs to hire a social media person to handle his clients’ social accounts- Demi, Justin and Ariana all seems to constantly put their foot in their mouths on twitter.

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