Powerhouse vocals unite.

Chaka Khan might not remember who she collaborated with, or the name of the song, but Andy Cohen helped fill in the gaps. Khan appeared on Watch What Happens Live and accidentally revealed (against her PR team’s wishes) that she has a song with Ariana Grande in the works.

Khan alluded to it being used for a film, which Arianators believe is for the Charlie’s Angeles soundtrack.

Ariana is also collaborating with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey for another Charlie’s Angels song – listen to a preview of it here.

There’s no more information on the ladies’ duet yet, however it’s sure to be epic. Khan is an icon, and Ariana is one in the making.

Watch Kahn spill the beans below, then leave an Exchange in Exhale and let us know if you’re excited for their new duet!

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