You won’t regret it.

Ariana Grande knows she needs to end a toxic relationship in her Cashmere Cat collab “Quit,” but she can’t.

In the dreamy electro-ballad off the producer’s new album, 9 (out today), Ari sings about accepting regret for a few more sips of intoxicating love. “They say: ‘You’re crazy, just leave him he’ll suffocate you,'” she croons over a somber piano melody. “But I wanna be in your arms / They say: ‘No, don’t pick up the phone, let them think there’s nobody home,’ but I’m under your spell / ‘Cause when you call my heart starts to roll I always want more / It’s my heaven, my hell.”

Cashmere Cat throws in a massive tropical-tinged drop before Ari laments her pain again. The experience she sings about is a dreaded feeling most Millennials have experienced by now. It’s the worst.

If you listen closely, there’s a trace of Sia in it; the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter is responsible for penning this one.

Give it a listen below… you won’t regret it (available at midnight EST / 9 p.m. PST):

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