Grande wears a onesie for her slumber party.


Ariana Grande and Alan Carr throw a slumber party on ChattyMan.

Grande threw on a onesie for her appearance on ChattyMan Thursday night, wrapping herself up in a blanket alongside the funny guy for some hijinks like painting his nails, critiquing his look wearing her latex bunny mask and playing a game of ChattyMan roulette. At one point, Will Arnett and British comedian Jimmy Carr join Grande for the game. Carr’s attempt to make Grande laugh when he said “In my head, you were so much better with balls” fizzled, prompting a tight-lipped shock from the singer. Not one to be handled, Grande bounced back soon after when Carr recounted a story meeting Cameron Diaz on The Tonight Show, saying “did you imagine how she’d be with balls as well?”

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