Tried it.

Ariana Grande: America Is The Greatest Country In The World

Too little too late?

We’re all familiar with Ariana Grande’s latest donut debacle – she licked other peoples’ pastries on the DL, professed she hated America (due to child obesity rates), then apologized with a heart-felt video message.

Apology accepted, right? Wrong.

Despite what local Riverside police say, Wolfee Donuts owner Joe Marin plans on pursuing charges against the “Problem” singer even though she’s reportedly tripled his business since the incident.

There’s not much Ari can do about the contaminated donuts, but she’s doing her best to rehab her American-hating ways, even announcing it during “Honeymoon” shows. Last night (July 16), Ari took the mic during her show in Tampa, FL to affirm how much she loves ‘Murica.

“I’m so grateful to be here in Tampa and I’m so grateful to be performing in the U.S.A., the greatest country in the world!”


Time to cut the girl some slack. Agree?