‘AG5’ Songwriter Says Ariana Grande Is At The Peak Of Her Powers

December 5, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Ariana Grande’s new album is said to be her best ever.

AG5 songwriter, Savan, gushed about Ari’s Sweetener followup on Twitter. He showered the singer with compliments, labeling the new LP a masterpiece.

It even caught the attention of the pint-sized singer. She had a couple of glasses of somethin’ probably alcoholic, so she had all the feels. The most interesting part of her response is how she put pressure on label Republic Records to release the next LP. It’s another example of an artist ready to pull the trigger, but the label continues to drag its feet. 

Let’s do this, Republic. We need 2019 bops asap.

When some people go through tough times, they throw themselves into their work. Following the loss of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, Ariana decided to do just that.

The pop star put off the Sweetener Tour for a bit to work on new music. Just a few weeks after releasing Sweetener, Ari jumped back into the recording studio to work on a second new record.

According to the “Breathin” singer, she has plans to perform songs from both new albums on the Sweetener Tour – kicking off March 2019. See the dates here.

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And from the looks of it, AG5 is near completion.

Ari rounded up execs at Republic Records to play the new tunes. That’s typically one of the final steps before packaging it up and blasting it onto streaming services.

Expect to hear AG5 at the top of 2019, cause… can you imagine someone telling her to redo a song? *Oprah shakes head GIF*

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