Premiere: Ari B’s “Under The Mistletoe” Is 2018’s Answer To “Santa Can You Hear Me”

December 7, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Ari B and chill to the rising pop singer’s new song and video for “Under The Mistletoe.”

Ari B just dropped a guilty pop pleasure. Let’s not get it twisted, the music scene has blessed us with some pretty incredible music this year, but I miss the good ol’ days. The days when a song didn’t feature an electro-tinged breakdown or DJ Khaled yelling ANUTHA ONE. Fortunately Ari B’s new tune, “Under The Mistletoe,” has none of that. It’s a sugary sweet song complete with a R&B-flavored beat and holiday bells crafted by producer Miklos Malek. On it, Ari sings about wanting a special smooch for Christmas.

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Not only does the song emulate a late ’90s pop song, but the video is cookie cutter cute. Ari executes some slick stylized choreography with her squad before eventually making her way to a log cabin where a bunch of boys are waiting to drink egg nog and partake in a dance party.

“The song is definitely supposed to get you in the spirit of the holiday,” Ari tells “If you have that special someone in your life, you’ll love this song! All around great vibes and a fun, dance track for any Christmas Party.”

And if you’re a lonely heart this holiday season, carry around a mistletoe and get you some.

Check out the world premiere below:

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