Are you nostalgic for the early 2000s pop era? Ari B’s got you covered.

“Let’s turn back the time and start again.”

Are you nostalgic for the early 2000s pop era? Ari B’s got you covered.

The rising star dropped a slick music video complete with stylized choreography for her new song, “Just Get Me,” premiering on today. It’s an instant pop gem!

For the track, Ari linked up with some major musical heavy hitters, including Justin Gerrish (Charlie XCX, John Mayor, Vampire Weekend), Sangwook and ‘Sunny’ Nam (Barbara Streisand, Carole King, Billy Ray Cyrus).

“[‘Just Get Me’ is] about a ‘love’ relationship that didn’t work out,” Ari tells BreatheHeavy. “[I] felt betrayed, and we see all those emotions pour out throughout the song. Generally, I love the vulnerability that the song has. You get to experience the raw emotion, but you also just want to dance and have a fun time. I love this contrast and this R&B track definitely takes you there.”

She adds: “I hope the coolness and the grounded beat in the song makes you feel goood – it just sticks with you, especially when the chorus hits. But I also hope people feel enlightened and relate to the message- if you’ve been in some type of unfaithful relationship, you’ll automatically have a connection with this song.”

Ari B is a pop superstar in the making. Definitely keep your eye on this one.

Watch the video for “Just Get Me” below:

Like what you hear? Stay tuned… Ari has two more songs on the way.

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