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Demi Lovato is down to get dirrty.

Demi Lovato’s collaborated with a lot of major artists in recent weeks, and she has her sights set on one more. She made a surprise appearance on Fall Out Boy’s “Irresistible” remix, announced a joint tour with Nick Jonas and now wants to team up with one of pop music’s female veterans, Christina Aguilera.

During a Twitter Q&A with fans, appropriately labeled #AskDemi, a follower asked if she was up for uniting with the “Candyman” singer on a song, and not only would she love to, she cites Aguilera as one of her inspirations

“I would love to do a song with her. That would be a dream come true. We have to make this happen.”

We’re just not so sure Xtina feels the same.

And because we know you’re curious what else she was asked, see Demi’s responses to her what she had for breakfast, what she orders from Starbucks and if she likes to wear socks when she sleeps.

Are you down for a collabo?