Everybody’s talking about TV’s “Desperate Housewives,” but I think Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez may just qualify as the most desperate housewives around. Before you try to beat me about the head, consider a few things. Britney Spears Federline, as she is now known, recently posted a letter to her fans after promising to do so for quite some time. In an interview with Britain’s “OK!” magazine, she told her minions that she’d deliver “The Letter of Truth” and it would only be available to those who joined her official fan club, which meant they’d have to pay to read the thing. Turns out, her big spillage came in the form of a three-paragraph posting on her Web site, britneyspears.com, and it came at no cost at all. And what was her grand revelation? She says she’s going to lie low because she’s learned how to say no. She’s going to turn down work and be her own gal. Brit blames her advisers for pushing her since the tender age of 15, suggesting her naiveté and youth led her down a less-than-desirable path over the years

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