By the popular demand of roughly no one, *NSYNC may be planning another ‘surprise’ performance.

Are you lusting for some more *NSYNC? Feeling desperate to see Justin, JC, Joey, Lance and the other one who’s name I can’t remember off the top of my head take the stage once more? You may be in luck – according to a tweet from the former-boyband (what do we call them now – a manband?) it would seem that the five-piece responsible for hits like “Bye Bye Bye” and “It’s Gonna Be Me” are planning on making an appearance at SNL’s 40th anniversary show.

Read all about it below the cut:

As you can see, it’d appear that the fivesome have something special planned for #SNL40, the 40th anniversary of popular New York sketch show, Saturday Night Live. Interestingly, the cryptic tweet follows official confirmation that the Backstreet Boys will be appearing at the star-studded event. Why exactly the creators are going to for a ’90s boyband themed evening is anyone’s guess, but they get ten out of ten for nostalgia points.

Whether *NSYNC will be performing or just flexing their comedy muscles is as-of-yet unclear – Justin Timberlake took to Instagram on Wednesday to post the snap below which seems to suggest that SNL alum’ Jimmy Fallon is writing up a sketch for the “Suit and Tie” hit-maker – who knows whether it’ll feature Timberlake’s former bandmates:

Writing session for #SNL40. @jimmyfallon is onto something funny… We think. This Sunday!!

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…Although after Fallon’s amazing Saved by the Bell reunion, I’m hoping for some straight-up comedy from the former teen heart-throbs.

It seems like a good reunion can be executed one of two ways – option one, you get back together – properly. Record new music, maybe go on tour, all the while making sure to establish yourselves as something more than a nostalgia act. Option two – a one-off reunion performance which leaves people longing for more, reminiscing about the past, sends iTunes sales of your back-catalogue through the roof – but blissfully only happens once.

It also seems, from Lance Bass’s incessant prattling to the press, that *NSYNC have absolutely no plans for a reunion which in any way resembles option one, which leaves us with option two. But don’t forget, (as if you could) that the guys have already exhausted option two, appearing onstage at the 2013 VMAs to make an extraordinarily short cameo in Justin Timberlake’s Vanguard Award performance.

Harsh truth: either get back together properly or leave well enough alone.

SNL40 airs tonight at 8pm PST on NBC.

Are you pumped for an *NSYNC reunion?