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Could there be a Drake/Lorde collab in the works?

There’s nothing more exciting than the possibility of two music heavy-weights collaborating, making magic in the studio, and gifting us with our next melodic obsession. Sometimes we get a little TOO excited when our favorite artists take to social media to tease us with whatever they may (or may not) be working on.

Drake appeared to be doing just that when he posted this to Instagram:

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Sure, it’s just a picture of Lorde and Drake, who both attended Kanye West’s show at New York Fashion Week (Sept. 16), but what fueled further speculation of a possible date in the studio was when Drake captioned the post with this: “Wifey (Low Key) ???”

“Low-Key” huh?

Apparently Lorde didn’t think so as she promptly took to Twitter to hint at her own adoration for the rapper – who happens to be nominated for a whopping 12 awards at the BET Hip Hop Awards. She tweeted: “champagne papi got me like ☺️☺️?”

Although Drake and Lorde’s exchange over social media wasn’t a direct confirmation of a possible collaboration, it’s definitely got the rumor-mill turning. Both artists are reportedly working on new music, and they are both famous for trolling us on social media – which makes this whole thing a bit more suspicious. It certainly wouldn’t be the most unexpected collaboration we’ve ever seen (Britney & Iggy?) Lorde’s 90’s trip-hop, alternative style could mesh well with Drizzy’s occasional sing-rapping. Also, both artists have successfully crossed over into the pop world with sounds that wouldn’t ordinarily fit into that respective genre. A collab between these two would be interesting, to say the least!