Are Katy Perry’s Mummy Costumes Offensive?

June 10, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Are Katy Perry's Mummy Costumes Offensive?

Mum’s the word! Katy Perry pisses off the Internet today with her, what some are labeling as, racist ensemble during a show at the O2 arena in London.

Katy’s surrounded by mummies with major T n A – some think she’s exaggerating their appearance to resemble black women.

The performance is several weeks old, but it was decided today that it would become a big deal.

This isn’t the first time Kitty Purry found herself in hot water with her performance fashions. Many were upset at her for dressing up as a geisha for her performance at the America Music Awards back in November.

Are Katy Perry's Mummy Costumes Offensive?

Personally, this is some major bull shiz. I’m more offended at the “O” face she’s making then the costumes. Let’s give Katy a break on this one, eh?