Are Justin Timberlake And Rihanna Performing At The Super Bowl Too?

February 5, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Justin Timberlake is another big name getting thrown around.


Rumor has it Justin Timberlake and Rihanna are also performing at the Super Bowl.

It might be the worst kept secret this month that Rihanna will join Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars during the Super Bowl halftime show performance. Not too long ago, CBS dropped a confusing ad promoting Rihanna’s performance at the Grammys (which was only confirmed by the singer herself today) and mentioned something about the big game. It wasn’t clear if she would perform or not, and though it still isn’t, this new ad airing on French TV says she is.

Weeks ago, reports swirled Riri would take the stage and sing her Coldplay collaboration, “Princess Of China,” along with her new single. We’re not 100% convinced she’ll jam out to “Work,” but we are likely to believe she’ll be appearing on Sunday. Beyonce is said to be performing some new material as well, so seeing a “Work” performance is not out of the question.

Queen Bey is also rumored to have a dance battle against another superstar artist… could it be Rihanna? She dances?

Perhaps it’s Justin Timberlake. Outlets caught wind he might sing a number as well:

UPDATE: Bruno Mars finally confirmed his appearance:

Stay tuned…

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