Looks like the divas were doing a little more than just bonding at Coachella.


A reliable source has confirmed that Beyoncé and Nicki were shooting scenes for an upcoming visual at Coachella.

The almost always reliable Gerrick Kennedy has caused quite the stir by claiming that Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé are teaming up to shoot a video – presumably for ‘The Pink Print’ cut, “Feeling Myself”.

The news comes off the back of Bey and Nicki’s hang out at Coachella last weekend, where the “Flawless” collaborators were pictured spending some time catching up. If Kennedy is to be believed it’d seem that they were doing more than just shooting the breeze and footage of the festival is to be included in the video.

A commercial release for “Feeling Myself” is undoubtedly a good move for both divas. The track is one of the strongest moments on Nicki’s latest LP and after their remix of Beyoncé’s “Flawless” fans of both artists have embraced the idea of their pairing. Minaj’s ‘The Pink Print’ is easily her best album yet but it hasn’t shifted as many copies as the “Super Bass” star might have hoped – with any luck, a high profile collaboration will aid sales of the record.

Plus, just look at how hard Nicki goes when she drops this track on tour:

There’s no word yet on what form the video will take, but considering that parts of it were shot at Coachella, it’s likely to be more autobiographical and less plot-driven, which would match the tone of the song well.

Are you feeling a video for “Feeling Myself”?