Aww poor Brit, she’s looking upset after her minor car accident tonight (who wouldn’t) while driving in her Mercedes with her bodyguard down the 101. Britney and her bodyguard drove into the nearest gas station after the incident to settle with the other driver and the police. Glad she’s ok! Your fans are here for you Britney! April 12, 2008. Click the picture below to access the entire set.


TMZ spoke with the guy she hit, who says before the accident, he was admiring the white Mercedes and the woman putting on makeup while driving it. It wasn’t until after she hit him at an estimated 10-15 MPH that he realized the woman was Britney. The man also says he wasn’t sure if she was still putting on makeup at the time of the crash.

After the smash up, Britney’s bodyguard apologized for the incident, but Britney never got around to doing the same. Brit and the 21-year-old crashee only exchanged a few words, but she did mention she was on the way to dinner with her mom.

As far as the field sobriety test is concerned, the crashee says officers performed the ol’ “follow my finger test” on Brit. At first she was giggly, but she got real serious real quick. BTW — she was the only person involved who was tested.

While no injuries were reported on the scene, the man claims that he woke up with a sore back this morning and is looking into booking an appointment with a chiropractor.

You may view the legal documents HERE


More videos of the scene under READ MORE.

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