Britney! I’m glad she was allowed out today; such a pretty day! Britney is seen here leaving Tracey Ross on Sunset after a bit of shopping. B required a police ****** to even get to her car cause of all the paparazzi! Chaos! She looks great though. April 01, 2008. Click the picture below to access the entire set.


Britney Spears visited the Tracey Ross boutique in Sunset Plaza yesterday to pick up a Members Only black leather bomber jacket, some Vena Cava dresses, a Jovovich Hawk dress, a Millions of Smiles sweater…and a police ******.

The usually pap-baiting pop princess stayed largely hidden inside the store and didn’t leave until she secured the protection of L.A. County sheriff’s deputies and a battered black umbrella (strangely, the umbrella seemed the more effective of the two).

An eyewitness tells E! News, “Britney looked very happy to be at the boutique. She was acting so sweet and lovely to everyone around her. She was charming and in a great mood. She even signed an autograph for a little girl inside the store!”

Britney also reportedly batted her eyes at the eyelash extensions offered at the boutique. A source at the store says Brit plans on making an appointment with eyelash expert Sandi Schroeder to get her own eyelashes extended. Maybe a SWAT team can airlift Sandi over to Brit’s place for a house call.


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