Apple Music is beginning to take shape.


Apple Music have hit the ground running with celebrity endorsements from Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga.

Following yesterday’s announcement of their music streaming service, Apple Music are wasting no time in building hype surrounding their debut venture. Although their press conference may not have made quite the splash that TIDAL’s did in April, Apple are proving that they have the power to pull in as many big names as their competitors.

Lady Gaga pledged her allegiance to the company over Twitter this morning…

…And Pharrell debuted what appears to be a new track in a televised advertisement for Beats 1 – Apple’s Radio station.

The snippet, which is theoretically titled “Freedom”, marks Pharrell’s return to his more soul-infused roots and a step away from the retro-pastiche of tracks like “Happy” and “Get Lucky”, which despite his mammoth success over the last couple of years, is probably a good thing. It’s certainly the most promising solo material we’ve received from Pharrell in some time.

Are you checking for “Freedom” and Apple Music?