No one turns down Adele.

Apple Denies Adele's Deal Request To Feature "25" In Stores

Adele is looking to Apple for sponsorship.

It could be a lucrative move for the tech-giant to align themselves with Adele, who’s possibly landing a $30 million sponsorship deal to promote her upcoming album and tour.

One request Adele and her team had of Apple was, like her exclusive deal with Target, is to sell the Deluxe physical 25 album in their stores.

Apple’s not biting.

A source tells the Daily Mail her management at William Morris needs to adjust their expectations.

“Her team needs to be more realistic about an artist who doesn’t have much of a history of working with corporate partners,” they said.

True, however Adele has already proven her comeback is a force to be reckoned with. She quite possibly could surpass two million in sales opening week and broke the one-day record on Vevo with 27 million views in 24 hours.

Should Apple re-think their decision?