Either Mel B is the worst liar in the world, or she’s the best.

The Spice Girls might perform together at the royal wedding.

Either Mel B is the worst liar in the world, or she’s the best.

During her appearance on The Real this week, the singer was asked if she received an invite to the royal wedding (she is). This lead to a series of questions Scary Spice had real trouble avoiding, like what the invitation looked like, if she could bring a +1 and OH YEAH IF THE SPICE GIRLS ARE PERFORMING?!

She never actually say yes, but she doesn’t say no, either. Her body language is confirmation enough. “Why am I so honest?,” she said before throwing up her cue cards in the air. Sounds like a yes to me!

Watch the moment unfold below:

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There are conflicting reports whether the Spice Girls will reunite on tour or not. TMZ says it’s a done deal, claiming the ladies have signed contracts confirming so. Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham has gone on the record to deny such a thing.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see, and it just might be when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle.

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