It’s about time!

A new song from Selena Gomez might be on the way.

The pop star’s Jax Jones feature titled “This Is Real” could drop this Friday (Dec. 1), and it’s about damn time. We’ve known of the song’s existence for an entire year. Jones has been dodging Selenators for about that long as well. The hit-maker told The Daily Mail earlier this year that her fanbase was extremely displeased he decided to release his Demi Lovato collab “Instruction” first.

“Someone tweeted me the other day saying: ‘I woke up really angry today that Jax Jones still hasn’t released his collab with Selena Gomez, he is the scum of the earth.’ It is so vicious,” he said. “I think the Demi collab has riled them up a lot more. The running theme is that the Demi fans claim Selena can’t sing and the Selena fans say Demi is a flop and they are so horrible to each other, and to me!”

Jones will make things right. He has a new song on the way. In an Insta story, the producer says “New music coming soon. This is real. Breathe in. Move on.” It also lists Dec. 1 as the release date.

Nowhere does Jones mention Selena’s name. So either he’s keeping her feature a surprise, or he replaced Selena with someone else/removed her altogether. If it’s the latter, Jones will experience Internet wrath in a way he hadn’t previously.

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