It Appears Christina Aguilera and Cardi B Are Cooking Up A Collaboration Together

January 11, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Christina Aguilera and Cardi B are rumored to have a song in the works!

Christina Aguilera and Cardi B are rumored to have a song in the works!

No one has had more speculation surrounding their forthcoming album than Christina (fact).

The pop star has been hard at work for years on her next LP, to the point that fans are downright annoyed, but it’s shaping up to be quite epic.

A couple of clues could lead you to believe Christina and Cardi have a track together for it.

The buzz began when Xtina started following Cardi on Instagram today (Jan. 11). If you stalk Legend X like me, you’ll know she rarely follows anyone unless they’re working together in some capacity. It’s also worth mentioning Christina is only following 29 people in total, now including Cardi.

Hours later, Cardi posted a photo of her on Instagram inside of a recording studio and Tweeted:

“I sound real confident recording this verse, but i really want to cry while doing it,” she wrote. “Putting your feelings in your music makes you sad in process ?But this **** sooooo ******* fireeeeeeeeeee???I out did myself.”


@himusichiflow what are we getting into at this time ??????

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It gets better. Fighters believe Cardi was at the very same recording studio where Xtina typically records.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but if it’s true… Aguilera’s new record has some serious star power behind it. We know she teamed up with P!nk for a new song, and there’s chatter that Demi Lovato has a guest spot on it as well. Now with Cardi possibly into the mix? Either we’re getting a “Lady Marmalade” 2.0, or X’s new record is going to be a monster.

It’s also worth mentioning there was a rumor Cardi collaborated with Lady Gaga on a track. Cardi quickly shot that down, but so far she hasn’t said zilch about this. A sign!

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