Living legend you can look but don’t photograph.

Britney Spears’ whirlwind departure from the Hollywood Beauty Awards almost flattened a paparazzo.

We’re all too familiar with the flashing lights that shadowed Britney’s every move a decade ago.

In the time since, the pop star has gone through great lengths to ensure that never happens again, and for the most part is pretty successful (I low-key miss seeing Britney’s shopping sprees at Ralph’s but I know it’s for the best).

That wasn’t the case when Queen B left the Hollywood Beauty Awards on Sunday (Feb. 25). Paparazzi waiting outside the back exit captured her every move as she and boyfriend Sam Asghari (damn he’s lookin’ real good in that tuxedo though heeey) made their way into her Mercedes SUV accompanied by a bodyguard.

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See what Exhale is saying about this.

Brit’s security shined a flashlight into the shutterbugs’ lenses (a clever attempt to ruin their shots), but got fed up when they crowded her car and blocked them from leaving. So, he hit the acceleration. According to the photogs in the video clips that captured the moment, the guard nearly hit one of them with the car. It’s worth mentioning I did not see that with my own eyes, but it’s plausible. Understandable, even. Living legend you can look but don’t photograph.

Check out a new red carpet video that have trickled in since Sunday, as well as the near ~hit-and-miss~ moment below:

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5 Responses

  1. ROFL at the red carpet video of EVERYONE yelling ‘OVER THE SHOULDER!”… that would have been a hot shot tbh.. but I’m glad she didn’t give a f about them lol. Also, that douche yelling at her about k-fed as the car is driving is so stupid. Those guys are jerks.

  2. You should not even report this, Jordan. It’s bs.
    Paparazzi are the worst, yet they play the victim all the time. And they are right on the way of the car, on the STREETS even, while shooting their flashes at the driver, so they have nothing to complain about if they are run over.

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