Apparently Britney's Covering "Together In Electric Dreams"

If I had a dollar for every time I speculated what Britney’s Giorgio Moroder track is…

… I’d have like nine dollars.

Guessing what Britney is covering on producer Giorgio Moroder’s upcoming album is apparently some weird pop fetish the Britney Army loves indulging in. It’s the equivalent of pounding our head into the wall until we experience complete madness. We don’t know why we like to be mad, we just do. Let the virtual torture continue.

It was thought Britney wanted to cover Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner,” but The Sun claims with certainty it’s actually Moroder and Phil Oakley’s “Together In Electric Dreams.”

Here’s what they printed in their latest paper:

Apparently Britney's Covering "Together In Electric Dreams"

I definitely didn’t see this 1984 electro-synth bopper transcending time and space, finding its way into our lives through its pop star avatar.

However, please note Moroder stated the song Brit Brit’s crafting originated as an acapella. In fact, pretty much everything Moroder’s said about this song doesn’t allude to “Together In Electric Dreams.”

Do you approve?

Apparently Britney's Covering