A Glitch In Paradise: ANTIBOY Is Music’s Newest Dark Pop Prince (Exclusive)

September 19, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Take a seat and soak in the rebellious spirit of pop’s newest breakout artist, ANTIBOY.

The Australian triple threat just put forth a new song. It’s titled “Devil,” an electro-tinged, frenetic guilty pleasure. It marks the first taste of ANTIBOY’s forthcoming visual album, A Glitch In Paradise.

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The record dives into an eerie time in the future when artificial intelligence overtakes the human race – where human beings’ memories are uploaded into an ever mysterious cloud and labels are a thing of the past. In this scenario, ANTIBOY is a gender-fluid robot who malfunctions, forcing the evolving droid’s thoughts to center only around heartbreak. The manifestation of that glitch is “Devil.”

BreatheHeavy: The tone of “Devil” is pretty ominous. Is that how you’d describe the vibe of the song?
ANTIBOY: The song was originally a slow 5 minute ballad that was condensed into a more pop format, it’s hooky post chorus and dance break represent the celebration of one’s inner torment, rather than the original where we dwelled in the devastation, rather we relish it and relinquish ourselves in a modern pop rock madness.


BreatheHeavy: What do you want people take away from it?

ANTIBOY: That there will always be that person that will bring you back to your knees – your vices, your addictions, your darkness. That one thing can take you down, but it’s not something that we should punish ourselves for, or remain present in; rather acknowledge it and move on, dance through it if you have to, rid yourself of what is destroying you however you can in a healthier way.


BreatheHeavy: Tell me about ‘A Glitch In Paradise.’ How does it separate itself amongst the influx of new music flooding the digital waves?

ANTIBOY: A Glitch In Paradise explores a new genre of music, that is more apparent throughout the rest of the album, that I call “Glitch Rock”, it takes current pop music and mixes it with organic layers and 90s grunge elements, blending a current feel with a Lana Del Ray moodiness and Nirvana vibe. My producers on the album, A Jones and Zeus, and I, feel that rock is making a return, so we have embedded real drums, real guitars, even real violins and trumpets in parts. We feel that a new form of rock is on the rise, and feel this is that wave.


BreatheHeavy: The record deals with heartbreak amidst a futuristic, cyber-poptronic age, but the feeling of heartache has existed since the beginning of mankind – before the age of AI. Why explore this theme in the capacity that you have? How does this connect to you as an artist?

ANTIBOY: In the future I have created, we fuse with AI, and eventually we will be able to upload our consciousness to a cloud and live forever. However, this doesn’t take away from our human side, our core traits that will be there eternally, we can rid ourselves of disease, of aging, of bodily destruction, but we can never rid ourselves of internal suffering we face when it comes to love and heartbreak.


BreatheHeavy: A Glitch In Paradise is a vision of the future, but what would the record look like if it was a vision of the past?

ANTIBOY: The record would look the same, these emotions are meant to be felt across generations, we can change a lot of our physical form but our emotional and spiritual selves is something that has existed and will continue to exist till time comes to an end.


BreatheHeavy: You’ve mentioned that gender is an illusion. Is heartbreak an illusion as well?

ANTIBOY: A Glitch In Paradise deals with a future where we implant memories into us, so in a sense, everything becomes an illusion, but if we feel it then how is it any less real than if we even experienced it? We don’t need to experience something to feel it. It’s why Post-Traumatic Stress can be passed down through DNA. A memory doesn’t have to belong to us initially to trigger us, everything is a simulation, we live in a fantasy, and while we may have delusional or false sense of reality or self, it doesn’t take away from how we react to situations, we still have human emotions and minds.



BreatheHeavy: Your name ANTIBOY is rebellious in spirit. Why embrace it?

ANTIBOY: Is rejecting social constructs rebellious? If so, yes, I’m embracing that. I’m suggesting throwing away all labels, that we if we simply look at ourselves as human, we don’t need to be comparing the colour of our skin, our *** organs we have, or any desires for that matter, we can just be human: raceless, genderless humans. Since the only real races that exist are human and AI, and we will eventually merge with the two. We are a collective right now of the human race, and the more we segregate ourselves, the less we can find true connection with each other, no one is better than one another for any reason, we need to start looking at the similarities and not the differences. It’s also embracing a new culture, where we are finally accepting others more and more, and being less afraid of what we don’t understand.


BreatheHeavy: How has 740 helped guide your creativity?

ANTIBOY: Connecting with Rahim from 740 has been an invaluable resource, he’s been super supportive and helpful in teaching me about the importance of the digital world and the place music has in it since I’m so new to all of this. He has great tactics and good ideas to help achieve what I want to with this album and concept. It really takes an army to build an empire. It was his idea to do a simple video for Devil, which I shot with Pedro Correa in a few hours and had it edited over a week under my creative direction, and its only been out a week and already 250k views which is more than I could have hoped for.


BreatheHeavy: What do you consider being successful in music means?

ANTIBOY: I look at ANTIBOY as a brand, I want people to obviously enjoy the music that comes out, and start thinking about the importance of lyrics and concepts over what’s simply catchy and “in”. I’m not following any rules, I’m doing what I want, and being successful to me is making new trends as both an individual and as a musical entity. I want people to be out there not only really listening to what i have to say but be enjoying the reveal of the world I’m slowly putting out with suppor for the evolution of the ANTI EMPIRE.



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