“Anthemic, Sultry Banger”: Ariana Grande’s Next Single “God Is A Woman” Drops…

July 11, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Ariana’s “voice is layered so that it sounds like a choir, but really, it’s only her, multiplied.”


Ariana Grande readies her next Sweetener single, “God Is A Woman.”



UPDATE // JULY 12: Clear your calendars! Ariana’s new single “God Is A Woman” debuts on Friday the 13th!

Ari confirmed the news herself. 

Check that out, then read a description of the song in a previous report, below:



surprise. twenty four hours til giaw.

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The pop star confirmed the news on Twitter today (June 27) after fans got a little mixed up. An Arianator asked if we’re getting “Raindrops” on July 20th, but the singer clarified.

“so are we getting raindrops july 20th? since we aren’t getting any more snippets other then raindrops until the album but…,” they asked.

Ari responded: “no u already have raindrops now ! my bad. this was confusing,” she said. “i decided to give u raindrops last minute for my bday. jul 20 you’ll be getting my official second single.”

Listen to “Raindrops” here.



They asked if it’s “God Is A Woman,” and Ariana responded “yes.”


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What do we know about the track? Time describes the song as “an anthemic, sultry banger.”

They report: “Grande’s voice is layered so that it sounds like a choir, but really, it’s only her, multiplied.”

Interesting! Ari also shed some light on the track, saying it’s a song about “sexual female empowerment and how women are literally everything and the universe is inside of us.”

July 20 is kind of far, but at least we’ll have the “Bed” video with Nicki Minaj to tie us over until then.

“God Is A Woman” debuts July 20.




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