Love can be cruel.

Love can be cruel.

Inspired by the narcissistic craze in American Psycho, Ansel Elgort released a harrowing music video for his new song “Thief.” In the clip, directed by his brother Warren, The Divergent actor can be seen staring at himself and flexing in the mirror after ***, void of emotion or empathy for the girl’s heart he just broke (played by Elgort’s real-life girlfriend Violetta Komyshan).

“I had created a character while writing and producing this song that was the Thief,” Elgort tells Rolling Stone of the menacing portrayal. “I couldn’t wait to bring him to life in the video. For the performance, we wanted something colorful and rich. We went with an all-leather outfit and neon lighting while I sang and danced, like an Eighties dance video.”

There are noticeable references to Michael Jackson throughout.

He adds: “Music should be art. Musicians used to play characters all the time: Bowie, MJ, Freddie Mercury. I’m inspired by those guys [rather than] the modern pop star.”

Watch below:

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