Another Source Confirms Britney’s Changing Up Piece Of Me

December 8, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Another Source Confirms Britney's Changing Up Piece Of Me

There shall be Piece Of Me changes.

The thirst is real. Fans are drooling at the thought Britney might switch up her Piece Of Me show – it’s rumored she’s going for something sexier and hotter.

A source close to the show’s production says the “new material that will be a lot like old-Britney style dance.”

Her bassist Tweeted: “There will be some new stuff, yes…,” however he deleted it.

“It was Britney’s idea to step it up because she has gotten back into her old form and her body is just sick,” a source tells Radar.

“When Britney is happy, it shows in her performances. The new acts will be a lot like old Britney’s dance style.”

Brit’s first show back is Dec. 27.

Are you ready for new slayage?