According to Bennett himself.

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Reuniting At Frank Sinatra Tribute

Looks like LG5 might be a little later than expected.

Multiple sources are claiming that Tony Bennett confirmed a follow-up to his 2014 album with Lady Gaga at a show in Idaho last night. He apparently stated that they have a new record which will be released this August to coincide with his 90th birthday – Lady Gaga’s idea, apparently.

The 89 year old jazz superstar is said to have waxed lyrical about the “Bad Romance” singer, and even joked that everyone should go out and buy her next album because “she needs the money.”

Naturally, Gaga’s fans have met the news with, um, measured enthusiasm.

Of course the chief concern among Little Monsters is how this will impact on LG5 – Lady Gaga’s forthcoming fifth pop record. Multiple producers have been in the studio with Mother Monster over the last two years, and she’s said to be eyeing a Q4 release for the project. With a jazz album coming out in August and Q4 starting in September though?

Maybe we’ll be waiting until 2017.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s last collaboration hit number 1 in November 2014.

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