Another Dog Another Drama

Britney’s caused some drama in Exhale for opting to buy a $5000 puppy instead of rescuing one from a shelter or adopting.

Britney and David visited Star Yorkie in the San Fernando Vally on Thursday afternoon and “fell in love” with Diamond, a miniature teacup yorkie.

“Britney and David were friendly. She was in a great mood and seemed happy playing with the puppies,” the owner tells Radar.

She spent 30 minutes with “Micro Diamond,” but ultimately decided on not getting the pup.

“They left empty-handed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back for Diamond,” she said.

Some comments in Exhale:

queenbrit: Most celebrities buy pure breeds and expensive pets nothing wrong with it.

Lucyyyyyyyyyyy: Dogs in shelters get euthanized if they don’t get rehoused within a very short time. It’s so sad.

Derek08: So the other dogs shouldn’t have happy lives? They should be stuck in cages inside of pet stores?

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