Baby picking a third single should be easy. It shouldn’t be complicated. I don’t know how else to say it…

It’s painfully clear Britney Spears will not release a third single off her eighth studio album, “Britney Jean,” yet the rumors continue to swirl even eight months later after releasing “Perfume” that there IS a single, and it WILL get air time.

But what gives? One music industry insider tried convincing me Brit’s team wants the Army to go without new Brit music for some time to fire up their apetite and long new music from their idol, but I’m not buying that. At the time, it appeared “Britney Jean” sold poorly, but with Jennifer Lopez’s recent album disaster (TBH, I like the album) and Mariah Carey “flopping” in sales, maybe we didn’t give “BJ” enough credit.

Anyway, word on the street is it’s ~officially~ the third single in Italy and several other European countries.

I’ll believe it when I see a music video on Vevo TBH.