A Canadian musician has struck fear into the hearts of Britney Spears’ family. 25-year-old Daniel Lachance was accused of stalking the singer and her family, and even served jail time for the offense.

Lachance blames his troubles on the beard he used to wear “People in jail said, ‘why don’t you shave your beard? You’ll look more decent,'” he told “CJ” in an exclusive interview.

“People think I look like a weirdo,” he added, but insisted, “Kenny Rogers had a beard. I’m not a bad person.”

When “CJ” spoke with Lachance, he gave us his side of the story, including singing some of the nine songs he wrote for Spears, who he says is the love of his life. “All I need is you in paradise,” goes one lyric, while another confesses, “Every time I hear her name, it makes me smile,” and a third promises, “I’ll give her what I have to give.”

As sweet as those sentiments sound, police say this is no schoolboy crush; they maintain Daniel Lachance is an out-and-out stalker.

Lachance’s attempted journey to the heart of Britney Spears began in April in his home of Quebec, Canada, where he hit the highway in a Ford Mustang, headed for Britney’s native land, Kentwood, Louisiana. “In the old days, you went to the mamma first,” Lachance told us. And it was to the home of Britney’s mom that Lachance indeed went. “I wanted to show her I’m a decent person,” he explained.

But local cops saw nothing decent about Lachance’s behavior; he was arrested and jailed on $250,000 bail. The lovelorn Lachance pleaded no contest to two counts of stalking, but insists he is no stalker: “To do stalking, you have to follow someone around for three months. All I did was ring the door bell four times.”

Only the experts can determine whether or not Lachance is a real threat to Spears but these days, stars aren’t taking any chances. Britney, Avril, Catherine Zeta-Jones are just a few of the celebrities who have recently fallen victim to obsessed fans. We spoke with Detective Jeff Dunn, who runs the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit, and he noted that, “More stars are coming forward. It’s become a bigger problem. They’re willing to talk about it.”

Britney herself has tightened her own security ever since a millionaire Japanese businessman allegedly began stalking her.

For his part, Lachance insisted to us that his motivation is not harmful, it’s pure love. “Life’s going to bring us together,” he predicted. “I have a good feeling about this.”

As for Britney’s husband, Kevin Federline, Lachance says he holds no hard feelings, explaining, “She didn’t know me then. I had a beard. She thought I was a bad guy.”

So is he obsessed? Disturbed? Dangerous? None of the above, Lachance insisted. “People say genius is just above crazy,” he admitted. “Maybe I’m a little bit crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.”

Lachance is currently back in Quebec on probation. He was ordered to get counseling and never return to Kentwood. He told us that he won’t violate his probation, but he’s confident he and Britney will eventually be together. thanks britneyglamour.com

Source – celebrityjustice.com

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