A Californian court of appeals rules that a jury must decide if Sam Lutfi is owed commission from his time working with Britney Spears.

According to a Billboard report, the unpleasant chapter of Britney’s life that featured Sam Lutfi will now be played out in a courtroom, as a jury is to see whether or not her former manager is owed a retro-active payment of 15% of income for the duration of his tenure as her manager.

And you thought the biggest Britney drama this week would be “albums aren’t a priority in the digital age.”

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Billboard claim that this Wednesday, a California appeals court ruled in favor of Lutfi’s preference for a full trail over claims that he should be paid for his services to Britney during the darkest period of her career (and indeed, her life) during which he acted as her manager.

There’s obviously been a lot of back and forth about this whole issue – to call it contentious doesn’t even begin to cover it – but the salient points appear to be that the Spears family (who represent Britney as a result of her conservatorship) believe that Lutfi was instrumental in her breakdown. In fact, Lynne Spears (Britney’s mother) has claimed that the former gas station employee “secretly drugged Britney, cut off her communications, managed paparazzi, and before being dispensed, set himself up as Britney’s ‘gatekeeper.'”

Sam Lutfi then sued Lynne for libel and Lynne claimed that Lutfi couldn’t be the victim of libel because his public image was already so poor. Subsequently, a judge threw the case out on the basis that Sam couldn’t prove that Lynne had tried to defame him out of malice, which he’d need to do in order for a court to assume she’d fabricated the contents of her book, ‘Through the Storm’.

Fortunately, the court’s order to take his compensation claim to a jury does not undo the ruling to throw out his claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

So that’s something.

The good news is few and far between however. This new development will see a chapter of Spears’ life that she undoubtedly has no desire to relive played out in a courtroom yet again, and whilst we can safely assume that any judge in their right mind will seal said courtroom so the paparazzi can’t make headlines of any revelations or accusations made in the trial, it’ll put Britney back under media scrutiny in a way that she’s managed to avoid for a number of years now.

I don’t have a comment or a quip to make about this, it’s just very unfortunate. No matter who’s side you take, the evidence that Sam Lutfi isn’t a good guy is insurmountable, so the events following this ruling are unlikely to be pretty.

Hopefully no matter what happens next, it’ll be handled sensitively and privately by the legal system.