Levi Strauss is keeping tabs on Kenzo.

Levi Strauss is keeping tabs on Kenzo.

Britney Spears is on the receiving end of several legal battles this year. She’s dealing with a child support issue from ex -husband Kevin Federline. He reportedly wants Britney to pay him $20,000 more per month in addition to the $20,000 he currently receives. Brit was also attached to a lawsuit with her will.i.am collab “Scream & Shout.” And you know what they say – things come in 3s! The latest legal woe involves her recent partnership with the French luxury house Kenzo. 

Levi’s is suing Kenzo for trademark infringement for putting tabs on its pants pockets, the NY Times reports, including the La Collection Memento No. 2 line Britney just launched with them. The level of petty is unreal.


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See what Exhale is saying about this.

Levi says their tabs offers consumers “sight identification,” and fear Kenzo’s use of similar tabs will cause “incalculable and irreparable damage” to them by confusing shoppers. They sent Kenzo a cease-and-desist but it was ignored.

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It’s worth mentioning Levi’s complaint included a quote from Christopher Lucier, the company’s national sales manager in 1936: “No other maker of overalls can have any other purpose in putting a colored tab on an outside patch pocket, unless for the express and sole purpose of copying our mark, and confusing the customer.”


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Levi is suing to recoup lost profits, compensatory and punitive damages, and halt further infringements, the NY Times adds.

Is anyone that stupid to mistakenly purchase a pair of Kenzo jeans thinking they were actually Levi’s? Asking for a friend.

Britney Jean strikes again!

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