The music community has sprung a leak.


The music community has sprung a leak.

Who gets ahold of unreleased material or their means of doing it remain a mystery, but facts are facts: an unnamed Internet ****-stirrer got their hands on scrapped song clips from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX and Melanie Martinez.

Del Rey, who has nonchalantly side-stepped addressing several leaks this year, sounds angelic on a song titled “Super Movie.” The Twitter user, @ChaseThatHigh, teased a snippet of the song before uploading the entire demo to a newly-published Tumblr page. The indie-pop folk song features Lana’s angelic vocals backed by fuzzy melodic strings.

Listen to Lana’s “Super Movie” here.

Lana isn’t the only pop gem to shine on Twitter today – Sky Ferreira, who’s hard at work on her forthcoming album Masochism, was also a target. The source shared a gorgeous 20-second clip of Ferreira belting a somber song reportedly titled “I Wanna Feel Alive.”

Listen to Sky’s new song here.

No word when the song was recorded, but hopefully it’ll land on her upcoming LP which is executive produced by Kanye West collaborator Mike Dean.

Other leaks include Melanie Martinez and Charli XCX.

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