Yes, yes it is.

Alesso and Anitta team up for synthy dance track “Is That For Me.”

It was only a matter of time before the label-mates jumped on a track together. The Swedish producer enlisted the Brazilian pop star for his warbly new tune. On it, Anitta sings about catching feelings – entirely in English.

“Singing in a different language is a challenge, but ‘Will I See You’ was so much fun to create,” says Anitta. “My Brazilian supporters gave the song so much love and so I’m very excited for my old and new fans from all over the world to hear this one.”

They also unleashed a music video for it today (Oct. 13). In it, Anitta dons several interesting outfits (I appreciate the metal cans) as she sings in a bed of lily pads, in front of an enormous tree and on top of a canoe. Alesso is also in the clip, but he’s more of a prop. Just… standing and sitting lifelessly while Anitta soaks up the spotlight.

The song is your obvious EDM jam, and the video is pleasant to look at, but there’s nothing extra special about it. Why is that problematic? If Anitta wants to break into the US mainstream music scene, she’ll need something more creative than this. It’s a good start.

Check it out below:

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