Andy Grammer says he feels like he’s “riding a wave.”

"Honey, I'm Good" Singer Andy Grammer Talks To BreatheHeavy

Andy Grammer didn’t see the success from “Honey, I’m Good” coming, but he’s glad it did. spoke with the singer/songwriter at the Billboard Music Awards, asking him about the major success he’s seen from “Honey, I’m Good” off his sophomore album titled “Magazines or Novels.”

“It’s amazing to have a song that goes this high,” Grammer told BH. “To have this success it’s really fun, it’s like riding a wave right now.”

As for the awards show? Grammer said he looked forward most to watching his buddy Nick Jonas perform, who he says is “really really good.” Perhaps Jonas will land on Grammer’s next album, or Imagine Dragons (currently playing on his iPod). Better yet… a rapper?

“I think it’d be fun to do something with a rapper. I’m not sure who yet. Maybe Lupe Fiasco or Common.”

“Have you created something that serves peoples’ ears?,” Grammer says of his view on finding success in music. “It doesn’t have to be a smash hit, but if you’re doing a show and you’re giving people what they needed to come have happen that night.

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