The reviews are in! Everyone loved Britney on “How I Met Your Mother” last night. Enjoy.

Check out the ladies from The View giving Britney rave reviews:


MSNBC: Britney Spears’ turn as a love-struck receptionist on “How I Met Your Mother” is being touted as a breakthrough of sorts: For the first time in recent memory, Spears appeared before a camera and didn’t display any of the worrisome, if not tragic, behavior that long ago became the status quo.

“Acting won’t be a usual thing for Britney. She really needed this, though,” said the source. “For her it was like a taste of her old life, but it was a taste that was very carefully planned. This wasn’t about her career, it was about her health.”


Us Weekly: “She looked beautiful and had screen presence,” adds Halpern, who has trained such comedians as Tina Fey. “Even when she was behind the desk and they made her look kind of homely, she was adorable.”

Her comedic timing “was good at some parts, especially in some of her reactions,” Dean Cudworth, director of the Idol Camp, tells Us.

Cudworth said the scene where she handed Ted an embarrassing self-help book he had left in the lobby “really worked because she was relaxed,” Cudworth said. “She was listening to the other characters and played off their performances with ease.”


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