Was it the constant partying? Perhaps dirty dancing with Ashlee Simpson was the final straw. Or did the corn roll haircut push her over the edge?

Britney Spears has kicked her husband to the curb, and the gossip mags are yelling: “You go, girl!”

Woman’s Day leads the celebrations, reporting that Kevin “the rat” Federline packed his bags and left the couple’s Malibu mansion just eight weeks after the birth of their first child. Luckily, Kev’s trailer park kept his spot free for him.

Kev’s faults include drinking, chain-smoking, a lack of sensitivity, spending too much time recording his debut rap album and “getting down and dirty” with Ashlee Simpson in a nightclub, the mag reports. Strangely, WD doesn’t include unemployment, bad dress sense or a stupid hair cut on its list.

Woman’s Weekly also backs Britney’s decision, claiming Kev’s attempts at launching a music career came between the pair. Kev’s new song, Y’All Ain’t Ready, contains the lyrics: “Back then they called me K-Fed, but you can call me daddy instead”. Can you blame Britney for mocking him?

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