Recently I have noticed the gradual re-invasion of Britney. Its everywhere you look. I was shopping today and i walked past a shop called Pilot (a womens clothing shop) and something caught my eye, a huge poster with the My Prerogative album cover in the centre. The poster was for a massive competition to win a trip to Britneys home town Kentwood for a week with $1000 spending money and maybe the chance to meet a family relative. I was so excited, you have to get a leaflet and complete this sentence in 20 words: I love Britney because………………..

There is also a simular competition on a UK music channel called The Box, with the same prize.

On one of MTVs music channels called MTV DANCE there is a Britney marathon which started yester and is on all day everyday until Wednesday.

On another UK tv channel called E4 the Live In Miami concert was just on tv (full length) and there are a couple of Britney shows on after…….

Everywhere you look in Britain you will see Britneys face and, for once it is really good publicity. The British tabloid have also started to write nicely about Britney, such magazines include The Sun and The News Of The World.

Britney mania has finally started to re-ingulf the UK……

Whether or not its because the Uk single of My Prerogative is out tomorrow ( Monday November 1st) or that her album is out the following week (Monday 6th November).

The fans however are responding well to this, i went into Pilot and requested a competition entry form, the assistant simply replied were out of stock and have had to already have 3 boxes of slips delivered. Sorry if im wrong but this is so good news. I went into HMV (a Uk music store) and asked if the Britney album and single was expected to do well. They said that the album had been the most pre-ordered product that they stock and that they expected the single and album to become number 1’s.

Also it is rumored that BMG UK have spent extreme amounts of moeny of promoting the new album, and i think i am starting to see the promotion and the effects its having. In every music store, in every clothes shop, on tv, in magazines, in newspapers, on the radio, you constantly hear the slogan and see the image I LOVE BRITNEY

Britney is back in the Uk and is hopefully ready to stay, WELCOME BACK!

Written by Tom C.

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