An Open Letter To Danity Kane Regarding Their Physical Fight

Dear Danity Kane,

You honestly were one of my favorite girl band groups in recent years, but as time unfolded I’ve seen your band implode and become a hot, dwindling yo-yo mess. I miss D Woods in the band (not really, though). And Aundrea? Where’s my sweet Aundrea (go get that family, though)? That leaves my previous Aubrey, Dawn and Shannon (I think that’s her name, right? Right. Shannon. Wear some neon, girl).

I just read on TMZ Dawn punched Aubrey in the head during a session in the recording studio yesterday. Shawna tried to break it up, but she just insured her new nose and can’t risk breaking it.

Why ladies, why? Is it because these haters gotta sour look up on they face? Lemonade lemonade?

Dawn, please apologize to Aubrey and show her how to properly use the liquify tool in Photoshop, and Aubrey please drop the charges you just filed against Dawn.

I’m afraid if you don’t, my heart will be damaged (I thought that I should let you know).


PS – May I please interview you still.