WTF did I just watch?


WTF did I just watch?

Amy Schumer teamed up with Goldie Hawn for a parody of Beyonce’s “Formation” music video. They don raggedy ensembles throughout most of the clip, except for when they’re rocking his Roc necklaces “TEXAS BAMA” T-shirts. And as StereoGum points out, one of the only reasons two white women mocking a visual highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t come off entirely offensive is because it’s a TIDAL exclusive.

Beyonce-and-Jay-Z-approved √

Madonna At Amy Schumer Show: “If You Vote For Hillary Clinton I Will Give You A *******”

Not everything needs to be made a race issue, I get it, but why? Why does this exist at all? Boredom. The two are apparently filming a movie together where Hawn plays Schumer’s mother, so they decided during their ofttimes to make this monstrosity.


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