American Idol made a comeback whether you like it or not.

American Idol made a comeback whether you like it or not.

Miraculously, there are still 10 million people who took the time out of their Sunday to tune into the American Idol reboot last night.

The show shifted from FOX to ABC and stars Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan as judges.

There are several things worth mentioning:


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1.) 10.34 million people watched the season opener. That is the second-lowest rated kickoff episode of all time (behind the very first in 2002), but in 2018 I suppose that is not bad. 

2.) FOX attempted to foil The AI return, but to no avail. In the same time slot on Sunday, they premiered their OJ Simpson. 4.4 million people tuned into that. Tried it though!

3.) Read this article by NPR. They list reasons why all of this should not be happening, but is anyway ($$$).

4.) AI reportedly shelled out $25 million to get Katy Perry to judge, and I thank them for that. Without this huge sum of money, who knows if we’d ever get a chance to witness Katy’s hidden talent:

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7 Responses

  1. I tuned it. It was fine. Not enough true change from the old format, too many montages, and Luke is a dud. Katy and Lionel are pretty cute. And drop Seacrest!!!! He’s too much $ and brings nothing to the table.

    1. I tuned in as well. I thought it was pretty good. I agree that there were too many montages as well, but I like the overall format of the show. Luke is definitely the weak link. I think the show will do well though. I like it better than The Voice.

  2. Aren’t you tired of discrediting AI? It just seems like too much effort, just let it go. In the end, people and ratings will be the judge, like it always has been.
    In the meantime….. we get this. I AIN’T COMPLAINING.

  3. Katy does not belong on the show. She’s so annoying and cringe… like she’s trying too hard to be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ and ‘crazy’. It’s also obvious she does things to simply be gif or meme worthy. It’s so sad because she used to be really talented. I feel sorry for the other judges and contestants that have to put up with her.

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