Not really sure how to feel about it.

Not really sure how to feel about it.

American Idol wrapped its 15th season just last year, but ABC is already readying its return. Something no one asked for.

Kelly Clarkson, who famously won season one of the singing competition, is poised to be one of the featured judges. TMZ reports Clarkson is on board with the idea, and is “already clearing her schedule to start filming for auditions.”

It’s worth noting Kelly recently switched labels to Atlantic Records and is currently recording a new soul album.

Watch Clarkson do her thing in the studio.

TMZ points out a couple of key changes with the next installment of American Idol. Instead of traveling from city to city to host auditions, filming will take place at Disney World and possibly Disneyland. There’s also plans to air the show only once a week.

From a marketing standpoint, putting Kelly on national television every week when she has an album out is brilliant. It just feels a little stale.

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