But there’s a catch.

Want to be an American Idol? Better purchase a ticket to one of Katy Perry’s shows then.

This is a little strange. American Idol announced plans for pop-up auditions at Katy Perry’s upcoming Witness concerts. There’s one taking place at her show in Nashville on Oct. 18. The cringeworthy part? You MUST have a ticket to Katy’s show if you want to try out.

There could be several explanations to this interesting strategy. 1.) Katy is very busy, so to accommodate her touring schedule they are hosting auditions wherever her shows are. They reportedly paid her $25 million to judge, and they’re going to squeak out every once of publicity. 2.) They are trying to sweeten the pot and encourage ticket sales. Smart. 3.) That’s all I got.

Look, you can become the next American Idol. You just have to watch Katy Perry perform first.

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