Kelly Clarkson, like everyone, would rather watch The Voice.

Kelly Clarkson, like everyone, would rather watch The Voice.

Kelly is one of the realest pop stars in the game. Sometimes too real. That’s why her decision to be a judge on The Voice rather than the American Idol reboot makes total sense.

“I’m going to be real with you. A lot of people reach out to me to be part of singing things because I was in the first one,” Clarkson said via

“I love [The Voice] she said. “It literally does come back to those blind auditions. It means something to me” having come in for a certain amount of criticism over the years because “I do not fit the pop-star image.”

“That’s what sets this show apart,” Clarkson continued. “I get judged on [aesthetics] all the time. I love that this show has chosen participants because they’re talented and they deserve it.”

“This show really does compliment my desire for this industry,” she said.

American Idol knows this, and some big changes are underway. For starters, they’ve decided to air the show in the same exact time slot that The Voice airs. Nothing like a little friendly competition!

AI also is axing the bad auditions from the show to focus on actual talent. The harsh truth? A lot of the bad auditions are more memorable than some of the previous winners ever were.

I’m with Kelly on this one. American Idol was taken off of the air for a reason. But everyone loves a good train wreck, right?

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  1. American idol was taken off the because the instant popularity after idol couldnt turn anyone in to stars anymore….. what stars has the voice created? None lol….. the voice is more about the judges than the talent.

    1. Kelly is the only superstar of american idol tho, adam lambert is known too. but Carrie is a local, even Jennifer.

      ps: i’m not from the us so maybe there are other superstars and i just don’t know they were in Idol

      1. Lol carrie underwood is the highest selling idol alum of all time. Jennifer hudson has won an oscar and been in multiple high profile movies. Then you have kellie pickler and chris daughtry from season 5 who went on to become country and rock superstars respectively. It didnt have many but it made superstars. Most havent been able to retain that superstar status over time but the 4 i mentioned along with kelly clarkson and adam lambert have been able to retain and build on their idol fan bases.

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