Just days after announcing news of her new single and album on KISS FM, news has come about that America and Australia will get a final release from In The Zone, ‘Breathe on Me’.

The video was shot in secret and is set in a hotel mainly in Britney’s room and will echo the songs performance live on her ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ earlier this year.

The track appeared on the original tracklisting of MP:GH but was removed just weeks before the release.

Britney will release Do Somethin’ in Europe at the end of January in replacement of Breathe On Me.

Mona Lisa will be then released from Britney’s 5th studio album set for a June release and will be called ‘Original Doll’. Britney leaked her new track live on KiiS FM in the US on Wednesday.

Do Somethin’ will premier next week on MTV TRL UK with the Breathe on Me video premiering on TRL in the US at the end of January. Thanks Jenni from bmforums


OK to clear things up :


Breathe On Me – January video release, February Single Release

Do Somethin – January video release, February Single Release

Mona Lisa – Late February / Early March Video Release, April Single Release…

However please remember that only the Do Somethin video and single has been confirmed

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