X17 is now reporting that two ambulances are on their way right now to Britney’s home in the Summit.

12:58 am PST.


UPDATE: An ambulance, a large white van, two undercover police cars, and about 15 motorcycle police have arrived at Britney’s home.

1:08 am PST.


UPDATE: The ambulance has left the side exit of Britney’s neighborhood and is believed to be headed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with Britney inside.

1:18 am PST.


UPDATE: TMZ is reporting: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Britney’s psychiatrist got in touch with the North Hollywood division of the LAPD and set tonight’s events in motion. The shrink told cops that he was alarmed at her driving and her “downhill behavior” we’re told the Captain at the North Hollywood division told officers “something must be done.

The EMS just arrived and we expect Britney will be taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center.”

Also, addressing the suicide rumors: “There is an Internet report circulating that Britney tried to commit suicide, but people inside the house dispute that.

Now law enforcement sources tell us the psychiatrist who called police never mentioned anything about a suicide, but rather her reckless driving and erratic behavior.”

1:20 am PST.


UPDATE: The ambulance is heading towards the UCLA Medical Center.

1:26 am PST.


UPDATE: TMZ has learned the media frenzy surrounding Britney’s drama has caused cops to speak in code over the police radio. Britney’s code name is “The Package.”

Law enforcement sources have told us their arrival at Britney’s house has been planned all evening. Furthermore we’re told the original plan was for cops to pick Britney up last night, but that didn’t happen.

1:30 am PST.


UPDATE: Britney Spears is currently being taken by ambulance to the hospital (UCLA) and will be placed on a 5150 hold, which means she poses a danger to herself and others. This is her second 5150 stint this month.

Cops are currently speaking on police radio in code, saying, “The package is on the way.”

1:31 am PST.


UPDATE: Britney has arrived to UCLA Medical Center, and is being held on a 5150.

1:40 am PST.

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