Amaryllis Spears In New The Intimate Promo

Britney Spears admits she’s two people.

The rumors are true! Britney confirms there’s one Britney that takes the stage, and another who stays at home and sprinkles potpourri and makes spaghetti. Sort of.

See photos of Britney Spears posing in The Intimate collection.

In her new The Intimate commercials, Britney softly speaks a riddle regarding her Amaryllis Collection. I’m not sure what she’s saying, but I’ll buy it. All of it.

“Sometimes I like the thrill of being two women at the same time. The woman I show the world, and the woman I keep to myself. Each with their own thrilling contrast, intimate desires and pleasures. On days like this, you can call me Amaryllis, but only in a whisper, and only when you feel as beautiful as a flower.”

It makes me say ‘what the ****,’ but only in a whisper.

She also debuted a promo for Buttercup which shares a similar breathy monologue. Brit says:

“Romance and roses, buttercups and velvet surprises never go out of style.”

No lies detected. Ten years ago my mom bought me a silky, rose-printed buttercup onesie and it’s still fashionable to sashay away in. The velvet surprise came in my twenties.

Watch them here:

You can call me Jordallis.